With preventative and reactive features

Neo is there for every step of the way.

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Giving students a communication channel where they can feel comfortable and safe at all times. Taking fear and shame out of the equation.

Level of anonymity adaptable
Educators have control, students have privacy
Completely private
to the school


A curriculum for all ages that provides simple answers to big questions about sexual and mental health, holistic learning, eating disorders and much more.

Completely tailorable
Age appropriate
Interactive with exercises and meditations

Neo Check-in

Track assess and understand your students' well-being and how it changes over time. What gets measured improves.

Measure stress, anxiety and sleep levels
Journaling feature allowing students to practice introspection
Anonymous data on both ends

Teacher dashboard

Centralizing health ed in a dashboard where teachers can administrate their curriculum progress, quizzes, resources, and overview their group's well-being levels.

Progress tracker
Quizzes to review topics
Neo SOS channel with notifications


Resources made by Neo for you. Each pillar having a toolbox with classroom activities, facts and figures, top FAQs and much more.

Easy to implement in classroom
Activities for both educators and students
Aligned with Neo's students content
people talking


Neo helps students by letting them know they're not alone in their struggles. A safe community allows them to empathize and grow together.

Administered by Neo
Anonymous and age appropriate
Accesible by request

Frequently asked questions

Contact us if you have any other question

Is Neo a supplemental program, a curriculum replacement, or a tool to support teachers?

Neo is meant to be a combination of support for teachers as well as a curriculum replacement. While schools can replace their health curriculum with Neo (students can engage with Neo independently), it is naturally beneficial to have teachers’ support to communicate Neo’s content to students.

How does the implementation process work?

Once a contract is in place (1- 3 days), schools send a CSV file with their students’ IDs and those of their corresponding teachers. From there Neo takes care of the rest. The process should not take longer than 1-5 days. Following this, students will receive a magic-link with which they will be able to access Neo through our mobile app or online.

Is Neo aligned with a National Standard?

Neo’s content is informed in part by CCSS and NGSS. Our core alignment is with the NSES, which is by all accounts the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and inclusive set of standards.

Can Neo be customized?

Of course. We pride ourselves on our belief that education is the most powerful weapon; whatever you want to teach your students, we’ll adapt. Schools will be able to choose the areas they wish to teach their students.

How is students' data used?

Students’ data will only be used for the purposes of delivering Neo’s intended services, never for marketing purposes. Schools own all data in each of their students’ accounts. Teachers and administrators can download the data corresponding to their student, class, school, and/or organization, on-demand in CSV format, by requesting it from Neo. Neo follows GDPR and California Privacy guidelines on data protection and privacy.

Neo will send an email notifying all master users when making any changes to our Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions.

Please read both our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions that can be found on Neoeducate.com. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@neoeducate.com

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