We redesigned how health ed should look by empowering

Neo is a K12 student and educator wellness platform that decreases bullying, sexual violence, student burnout, and dropout rates, among other costly challenges schools face.

With a new interactive and pragmatic approach


With 50+ lessons and 10 pillars, ranging from sexual and mental health to SEL, we make sure students’ questions don’t go unanswered.

Neo Check-in

Track, assess and understand your students' well-being and how it changes over time.


A safe and semi-anonymous channel that allows students to ask questions and report difficult situations

Educators Toolboxes

We make teachers life easier with activities, FAQs students might ask, and deeper discussion. All with Neo’s curriculum in mind.

Taking well-being beyond the classroom walls

Neo empowers students to explore health ed topics at their own pace and gain a better understanding of their mental health and how it changes over time.

Making schools aware of these situations and directing students to a potential solution before a tipping point occurs.

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Why Neo?



Giving students a safe space to express their feelings and explore health ed topics at their own pace



Evaluate the impact of your programs and share insights with parents.



Making educated decisions based on data and faster response to critical situations

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We created Neo for everyone

Due to social and academic pressures, a peer in my advisory group attempted suicide in school two years ago. He’s a very nice kid, we never saw this coming.


Neo is a platform that really taps into the mindsets of adolescents and young adults. It’s a fantastic resource for schools

Dean of students

Even understanding yourself can be really hard. These are all new feelings, and they're a lot to handle, so you kind of feel alone not knowing who to ask or talk about these things.


The general sentiment of the stigma surrounding mental and sexual health has discouraged me from reaching out to people.


Students mental well-being is no longer a benefit.
‍It's a strategy.

Thanks to powerful data, schools can now share their students' well-being levels with parents and make decisions accordingly.

Decreasing bullying
Understanding your students' well-being
Making sure education goes beyond the classroom walls
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Enroll. Empower. Educate.

Providing you with powerful data.

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